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Our products are inspired by tall women and the world around us. Beautiful, high quality goods that were designed especially for your length. At Leggy Sue Boutique it's not just about the clothes. For us it is about building up the person IN the clothes. Tall women are goddesses and should carry themselves as such. We encourage our Leggy Sue's of all ages to walk tall and hold their heads high like the queens they are. Never shrink for anyone!
"Over time I've received a lot of inquiries asking me about where I find clothes and shoes to fit me, being such a tall woman. I know the struggle of growing up tall and am all too familiar with the disappointment of not being able to get the shoes or clothes you want in your size. There is nothing like the feeling of finding something that fits you perfectly, length and all! It's like winning the lottery! 
As a 6'2 16 year old I decided that when I got older I would find a way to make that feeling more frequent for other girls like me. So with no further adieu, introducing Leggy Sue Boutique, a collection of unique fashion finds fit for long limbs and larger feet hand picked by me for all of my Leggy Sues in the world!"
Cole Woods (CEO of Leggy Sue Boutique)

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